Meet Faith Keane

"a little magick goes a long way"

Raven's Den Boutique is an eclectic lifestyle business with a twist.

Faith is the creator who is a true artistic earth loving soul and expresses her creative flare love and intention in each item. Faith is a loving mother to her daughter, she also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis otherwise known as MS. Faith struggled for years after her diagnosis to find work and to create the life she has always dreamed of for herself and daughter and learning to live with the limits of her health restrictions she started to find hobbies and discover her spiritual path. Faith has always been creative and artistic so as she learned new ways to express her art Ravens Den Boutique was born. 

Faith's passion is to inspire others who may struggle with obstacles in life to find ways to follow their hearts and dreams that we can all live the life we desire and build the life we truly want if we are willing to work for it. 

Faiths favorite saying is "Life isn't always easy, but life is always worth living, look for the blessings in your everyday life and take nothing for granted"

On any given day you can find faith tending her garden whos herbs she uses for various items within the den or she will be panting one of her many goddess paintings sculpting her clay models crafting her dream catchers making candles molding her soaps infusing her oils or connecting with her beloved crystals.


Ravens Den Boutique is more than just products and business for Faith as she pours her heart and soul into all that she dose. For Faith Raven's den is about helping to inspire others to connect to who they are and follow their dreams. So feel free to browse through the den fall in love with all the wonderful creations and you never know you might find something that calls to you and will enrich your life and journey.


Why Ravens Den?

Our nature based and themed handmade products can help with


Anxiety affects most of us in one-way shape or form so let me help you get out of that zone.

Try our incenses, candles that are able to help aid meditation which in turn can help lower anxiety.


Spirituality, we each have our own way we connect with our soul self.

We may be able to assist you in connecting with your spirituality through the use of candles incense crystals dreamcatchers alter statues or paintings anything that may help you to feel triggered to that side of you we normally keep hidden in out normal mundane lives.


Stress who doesn't have stress we all do but try our massage oil use our bath bombs lights a candle and let us help you to relax from your daily stresses.


Detoxification, our Bath salts are made from a select range of mineral salts and infused with essential oils all with the aim of detoxifying your body helping you to release toxins and built up stresses from your daily life.


Let's celebrate life the changes seasons and the sabbaths in accordance to the southern hemisphere wheel of the year.

Self Love is important so why not pamper yourself celebrate who you are and enjoy each day as its a blessing to be you. you should celebrate.


Let's learn to love ourselves through self-care, self-love why not treat and pamper yourself you deserve it lets honor mother nature lets honor our weary souls and lets spread the love around by first finding ways to learn to love who we each are on the inside and out.


Kind Words

"Absolutely amazing products i can tell so much time and effort and love has gone into everything she creates. I have made my first purchase and it definitely won't be my last. Thank you faith for bringing a little bit of magic into my life with your creations"

— Melissa Wells 

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