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Classes at Ravens Den Boutique

For the DIYers

Three-Wick Candle

Make your own smudge wands

In this workshop, you will learn how to harness the almost incomprehensible power of nature. If you already love to smudge a clear your space, in this workshop, we will go over the properties of each herb and help you put together your perfect smudge wand  just for you 

Pink Soap

Light your fire Candle making 

Creating aesthetically pleasing Candles in two ways: Firstly two rolled beeswax herbal infused candles and two soy wax container candles.

Herb Plants

Make Your own infused soaps

There is something magical about mastering a craft that has been integral to human cultures for millennia. Join us for a class to learn how to make soaps that will not only leave you feeling fresh but will also delight your senses and smell amazing

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