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 2020 is a Dirty word.

So 2020 has become a dirty word in most households around the world.

Honestly, I can empathize with why. Personally myself this year has run me around in circles I have has extreme highs and extreme lows if something was going to go wrong it did. I started off the year Building my business kicking life goals finally earning enough income to breathe a little then like so many COVID 19 hit.

Because many of you who already follow me know I have MS an autoimmune disease that has a mind of its own and pretty much summed up "gremlins like to mess with my circuitry" (nervous system).

I over the years have not let this stop me from trying my best and living my fullest life I am capable of living hence why you are here Raven's den Boutique is my baby of sorts I was always creating and I was told why not sell my creations, but that's another blog for another time.

Where was I (sorry brain fog gotta love MS), that's right the dirty word COVID 19 so when it reared its nasty head I like most people in my position meant I had to self isolate, which this little hedge witch who is a hermit at heart could handle or so I Thought. one never really know what they can and can't cope with until they in walking those shoes.

I had been managing my finances by taking on a role as an art teacher which I love with all my heart and I very much loved the people I worked with, life was looking up I for once was just keeping my head above water so to speak.

But when Covid hit I had to self isolate with my darling 10-year-old daughter, who bless her cotton sock thinks she is 17 and knows everything under the sun hahaha you know how it goes.

As I am an avid gardener and who knew how long we would be in lockdown for I added to our already growing veggie garden which has yielded some amazing food nothing beats homegrown.

We did our best to keep up with home school (seriously out of my depth they have changed the system) also her being an only child she was bored and but the time the 8-week lockdown was over the light at the end of the tunnel never looked so good for either of us.

(I take my hat off to those who have had to be in lockdown for months you are my new superheroes)

Bellas first day back at school I dropped her off and the smile on her face was from ear to ear and she says "mum I love you, but I think we need space its time for me to go be with my friends now they need me you have had enough time with me" I smiled and said, "yes darling I agree."

Dropped her off grabbed a coffee when home sat in blissful silence no youtube no TikTok not whiny voices from her watching whatever prank bloggers etc that were the craze just me and my garden sanity had once again fallen upon me. lol, I know you know what I mean we all go through it.

So now the worst of 2020 was behind us.

Who am I kidding that was the pre-show.

I started back teaching loving every second of it life seemed to get back on track things were looking good again. Then I was struck down with a double whammy, I ended up having a Ms. Flare up and Pneumonia at this stage I was like right the universe and my body are telling me I need to slow down, so with a heavy heart I gave up my teaching gig and now focus on my health and recovery for 3 months I was up n down. I lost track of how many rounds of antibiotics steroids and pain meds the dr had me all to try and help me get better. I am blessed with an amazing medical team that is wonderful and supportive.

Now when all this is happening I am like always trying to find the life lesson the deeper meaning and what I come up with.

I wasn't following my soul purpose my life path.

I have always been obsessed with history herbal remedies medicine ( how can one not when I am chronically ill) and I decided to increase my skills and knowledge and enroll in an Advance diploma in Western herbal medicine.

Now I will state it right here right now "I am not taking away from what my Dr dose or my Neurology, I am wanting to find natural ways to work with them and have fewer chemicals in my system" I am all about balance.

With all this chaos and life revelations I know it might seem like Ravens Den Boutique got a little neglected and I will be the first to admit yes your right, with all I had going on I forgot about my passion for my art, love of making things all I could think about was healing getting better and trying to build a financially more stable life for my daughter and me.

I was so wrong!!

Anyone who knows me knows I hate to admit when I am wrong lol I missed making my soaps candles I miss playing with crystals and making necklaces and earing all of that is apart of who I am and what I love.

So I am back in my workshop and also in my office studying, working on the things that fill my cup that make my heart sing and that won't run me down to the point I get sick and am unable to live the life I dream of.

We all get there in life where we focus on the end goal and we push and push and push until something reminds us life isn't all about the destination.

"Life is what happens when we are moving day by day to reach our goals and to fulfill our dreams."

Yes, 2020 has been a rough year for us all in our own way, we have all had struggles we have all lost in some way shape or form.

But we can choose to let it defeat us or we can remember there is always another option.

No matter how hard life gets no matter what obstacles get thrown our way we can choose to find something good in it.

If I hadn't gotten ill I would never have found the courage to enroll in my course and to follow a lifelong dream of becoming a herbal healer.

I wouldn't have reconnected with the artist within me and I would have just kept pushing myself more and more emptying my cup and never taking the time to refill it.

Life is never going to be a walk in the park we are always going to have something go wrong but that's ok there is still so much that is right still so much to look forward to never give up on yourself never give up on evolving to be the person you want to be no matter what there is always hope.

This is just a snippet into what my life has been like in 2020 and the year isn't over yet but I will find strength in the hope that tomorrow can be a better day.

by Faith Keane

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